There are 4 types of people who will benefit from a Coaching Training and if you are none of them, I don't see any real sense in making an investment in this course.


Who wants to make a living from coaching

For those who want to have a new profession where they can work from anywhere in the world, just needing a computer and internet access, with the potential to earn from 5 to 15 thousand reais per month*.

Usually, it's that person who is not happy with their current career or is unemployed and is looking for a new profession.

As was the case with Claritia Boeira, who started to earn more with 1 Coaching process than her salary for the entire month at her previous job.

Just to give you an idea, she has been a Coach with a busy schedule for 4 years and has already worked with 24 clients at the same time.

And it also happened to Laíse Vieira, who reported that the biggest gain for her, living on coaching, was being able to spend more time with her 7-month-old son.

*5 to 15 thousand reais is just a reference, there are cases of people who do not reach this level, as well as coaches who earn much more.

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Who wants to have an extra income as a Coach without leaving their current career or job

It's that person who wants to work in their spare time without making a career transition.

We have several students who graduated from IGT and continue their jobs, working in their spare time.

It was the story of Rafael Serpa, who is a Public Servant and maintains Coaching as a 2nd profession, serving dozens of clients.

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Who wants to become a Leader that Generates Extraordinary Results in the Team or a Differentiated Professional in their career

Leading is technique, it has method.

"I don't know a better method than Coaching to make a team have extraordinary results." - Geronimo Theml

Being a trained Coach is a market differentiator, some multinational companies even train all their leaders in coaching, as was the case with Ernest Young.

At IGT, there are already many leaders, doctors and professionals from different areas trained as Coaches who are making a difference.

This was the case of our student Paulinha, who after training at IGT reached her goal for the year in less than 6 months and is now training other leaders to achieve the same results as her.

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Who wants to transform as a person

The fourth profile is people who want to transform themselves, receiving more clarity about what to do, life purpose, achieving more results in their personal and professional life, even for those who do not intend to act as a Coach.

This is the case of many of our students who already love what they do, have no intention of working with Coaching, but decided to enter training to develop themselves....

Now it's simple for you to make the decision...

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If you are one of these 4 types, you need to keep reading.

In it, I will show you an opportunity for you to do your training with a unique condition never seen in the history of IGT.


The IGT has a 99.4% approval rate from students... it's surreal to imagine that a school that has trained thousands of students manages to have such a positive evaluation rate from its students.

The methodology you will receive is simple to apply, it really works and generates a lot of results for those who do it, for the clients and for the teams they will lead.

At IGT, Coaching is taken seriously.

Your IGT certificate will be international.


“Geronimo, what if after the training I have any questions? With whom can I clear this doubt?”

Pay attention to this…

You will have access to one mentorship per month, during the period of 6 months, with an IGT International Coaching Trainer.

That is, you will be able to clear all your doubts about Creational Coaching, the Methodology, the Tools and the assistance with your clients or followers.

One hour with one of our trainers is BRL 1,200.00 and you will have 6 meetings. That is, you will have free access to mentorships that could easily be sold for R$ 7,200.

Only in this offer, these mentorships are free for you. Amazing, huh?

I have a lot more to tell you, but maybe you're already wondering, "Okay... but what's the special condition?"

Let me tell you what it is.


Ethel Peternelli

Ethel Peternelli

“After the Coaching Training, I started earning 5 times more.”

Renata Pedro

Renata Pedro

"Creational Coaching was a turning point in my life, I followed the methodology and conquered 60 clients in the first year."

Angela Gobbo

Angela Gobbo

“Each customer generates practically twice the salary I earned as a salesperson.”

These are some phrases that I often hear from our students at IGT.

If we are going to compare Training in Coaching with an MBA, which for many people would be a very fair comparison, due to the amount of transformation and learning, a serious MBA has an investment of at least R$ 30,000.00 (thirty thousand reais).

The normal price of a Coaching training at IGT is not all that investment.

You can have a new profession or become a differentiated professional in the job market for R$9,990.00, but this is not yet the special condition that I am going to make for you today.

I have a special condition for you to do your training ONLINE and LIVE, they are not recorded videos... it's a week-long training with a real trainer with you, there, live, transforming and increasing your performance in real time.

TRULY, I can't guarantee how long the offer I'm going to make here for you will last. I know... I know... everyone says that places are limited and all... but in this case the classes are online, with a limit on vacancies because we truly care about the experience of our students.

Therefore, this is a special condition that I can only guarantee for the next class.

At this very moment, you have won a 50% OFF COUPON to become an International Certified Coach by IGT.

If you leave this page, I can no longer guarantee your spot.

That is, your registration fee will cost R$ 4,995.00 in cash, but let me see if I can help you even more.

And if you are committed or committed to transforming yourself as a person and as a professional, I am also committed here to doing the same.

So I'm going to make you a condition that will never be better.

You will have the opportunity to graduate from a serious institution, with an international certificate, with a 99.4% student approval rate, and can pay this amount in 12 installments

That way you only need to invest

12x de

R$ 486,66

What you have to do now is very simple:

Click the button below to register for the next class;

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As soon as you register with your credit card, you will receive in a few minutes your password to access your members area, where you will already have content waiting for you to start your transformation and start your training in Coaching right now.

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Chat with our sales team

Chat with our sales team

"Hmmmmm Geronimo, I understand that this is a unique opportunity (and it is, okay?!?!), but I still need more information"

Of course, if you still want to know some more information about Training in Creative Coaching, just get in touch with our team via email

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